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Alpharetta Homes For Sale

The City of Alpharetta is no doubt one of the best places to live in Georgia, and with good reason. Although it started out as a tiny village called New Prospect Camp Ground, the area has developed to become one of Metro Atlanta’s most attractive areas to live in. Even with an estimated population of 63,000, Alpharetta still boasts an intimate-community feel while comfortably accommodating the growing cultural atmosphere.

City Overview

Alpharetta borders the city of Atlanta, which is just over 20 miles (or 30 minutes) away, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on Atlanta’s sights and sounds. On the other hand, it’s just far away enough to offer peaceful living for families that would prefer not to be in the middle of the city’s excitement around the clock.

Alpharetta’s stunning home communities include all sorts of houses ranging from traditional manors and stylish townhomes to contemporary bungalows and modern condos. You also get to choose from a wide selection of neighborhoods that include swimming, golf and tennis communities, each exuding its own unique charm.

Alpharetta borders the captivating North Georgia Mountains and has lots of green space, so you also get to enjoy nature’s offerings. It is also home to award-winning parks and recreational amenities, so there are plenty of options for walking, running, skating, cycling and other sports and activities.

Alpharetta is also a growing business community, with businesses taking full advantage of the thriving local economy. It’s even been named the best place in Georgia to start a business.

The Population

Alpharetta is particularly appealing to families, which is why most households in the local area are made up of single-family dwellings. The population is largely made up of singles and young families – almost 30% of the residents are under 18 years and less than 10% are over 65. The population includes people from diverse races including White (66%), Black (10%), Hispanic (10%) and Asian (14%).



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Alpharetta Schools

The quality of education is top-notch, with a student-teacher ratio lower than the state average, and public high schools whose combined graduation rate stands at 95.5 percent. Further, the average ACT score is 23.8, and with more than half the students participating in AP courses, you can be sure your kids will be getting a valuable education.

Alpharetta has a good mix of public and private elementary and high schools that perform excellently, some of which are nationally recognized. It is also home to various colleges and universities that offer continuing education, as well as certificate programs and training. With 64% of the population holding a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, it’s no wonder Alpharetta hosts some of the best talent available in Metro Atlanta.

Quality of Life

With a median household income of over $79,000, a low unemployment rate of 6.2% and low crime rates, it’s easy to see why the quality of life here is considered favorable. Another reason why Alpharetta stands out is its many readily available amenities. The city offers a thriving culinary scene, exciting recreation, endless shopping opportunities, luxury accommodations and trendy entertainment to suit just about every taste and personality.

Old Soldiers Day Parade in Alpharetta GA
Avalon growing shopping center in Alpharetta

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